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1. Submit Your Channel

We work with channels of all sizes and in any niche. Whether you're a new YouTuber or a seasoned vet, we got you covered

2. We Drive Engagements

Your content is placed across hundreds of laser targeted Suggested Video and Trending Playlist positions to drive high-retention views and cult-fan subscribers

3. Get Monetized

Submit for Monetization in only 5-7 days, guaranteed. Join over 7,500 YouTubers before you and be confident knowing that we have a 100% success rate


Before submitting your order for monetization, make sure you read over the guidelines and instructions below. This will ensure that your channel’s monetization is successful and you don’t end up wasting your money on this package. 

1. Review Your Channel

  • Your channel should be at least (7) days old
  • You should have a minimum of (2) standard videos uploaded (not counting YT shorts)
  • Your channel should not have any active copyright strikes. (if you’re not sure if your channel has an active copyright strike, then you most likely don’t have one)
  • Your channel should follow all of YouTube’s Monetization Guidelines which can be found Here.
  • Your channel should follow all of YouTube’s Community Guidelines which can be found Here. 

These guidelines are basically just YouTube’s guidelines, which would need to be followed to get approved whether using our service or not. We disclose them here to help our clients do the proper preliminary checks before submitting an order. 

2. Understand The Process

  • Once your order is submitted, our team immediately begins the process of getting your channel to qualify for monetization.
  • Your channel will be reviewed thoroughly by our monetization team to ensure your campaign goes through without a hitch 
  • Within 72 – 96hrs, our team will begin to distribute your content to thousands of Suggested Video placements and popular YouTube Playlists, where they will be exposed to millions of potential viewers.
  • Your content will continue to be placed in front of new viewers until you receive the amount of watch hours and subscribers included in your package.

3. How Long Does It Take

  • Our average completion time for a 4,000 hours + 1,000 subs Monetization Package is only 5-7 days!
  • The average YouTuber takes 5.3 months to reach YouTube’s required milestones in order to apply for monetization 😳. Fame Fuel clients get that time cut down by over 96% with a done-for-you solution that makes monetization a simple and guaranteed process. 

4. Applying For Monetization

  • Fame Fuel is not responsible if your channel is denied monetization by YouTube due to your channel not following all of YouTube’s Guidelines (such as having copyright strikes, promoting illegal products etc.). We do not have control over YouTube’s rules and everyone must follow them to get monetized. 
  • If your channel follows all of the guidelines above, and will reach the required 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers after we complete your marketing campaign, then we guarantee your monetization application!

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Maximize Earnings: YouTube Monetization Package

YouTube monetization allows creators to earn money from their videos by serving ads and receiving a share of the ad revenue. To qualify for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and monetize videos, creators must meet minimum thresholds:

  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months

Meeting these requirements demonstrates that a channel has an engaged, loyal audience that brands want to advertise to. However, reaching these targets organically poses challenges for many starting and growing channels.

Challenges Creators Face

Gaining 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to become eligible for YouTube monetization is difficult without the right strategy, resources, and effort. Many creators struggle with:

  • Consistently producing high-quality, engaging content that drives strong viewer retention and watch time
  • Employing proven YouTube SEO and metadata optimization tactics to improve discoverability
  • Promoting videos effectively and growing their subscriber base organically
  • Lacking the time, skills or funds to manage YouTube growth properly

The world of YouTube monetization is complex, and going it alone leads to lost earnings for many channels.

YouTube Monetization Packages: The Best Solution

To help creators overcome these obstacles, Fame Fuel offers done-for-you YouTube Monetization Packages. Our all-in-one packages are the best way for channels to fast track their progress and start earning revenue from their content.

We take care of everything needed to meet YPP requirements efficiently. Our YouTube experts will:

  • Optimize your channel’s marketing efforts to maximize discoverability
  • Produce high-quality, custom-tailored videos designed specifically to engage your target audience
  • Promote your content through advanced YouTube Suggest Video Placements aimed at driving high retention viewers and loyal subscribers quickly
  • Ensure viewer interaction and channel growth are managed strategically
  • Provide ongoing optimization until monetization thresholds are met

Our 97% satisfaction rate proves we provide tremendous value helping clients monetize faster. With a Monetization Package from Fame Fuel, you can finally start earning the ad revenue your channel deserves.

Understanding YouTube Monetization

What is YouTube monetization and how it works

YouTube monetization allows creators to earn money from views on their videos. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  1. You apply for YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP)
  2. YouTube reviews your channel to ensure you meet all eligibility requirements detailed below
  3. Once approved, YouTube places ads within or around your content
  4. When viewers see/click on these ads, you earn a cut of the ad revenue

The exact CPM (cost per thousand views) depends on factors like a video’s watch time, audience demographic, ad availability in your niche, and seasonality. Most channels earn $3-$7 per 1,000 views. Channels in high-paying verticals like finance or gaming see higher averages.

This ad revenue provides a valuable income stream so creators can fund future content. But first, your channel needs to meet the 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscriber minimums to qualify for monetization.

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and its eligibility requirements

1,000 subscribers

Gaining 1,000 subscribers demonstrates to YouTube that a channel has an engaged audience of real fans who want to regularly view new content.

While getting thousands of views can sometimes be easy, converting viewers into loyal subscribers is more difficult – it shows people truly value your content enough to actively follow your channel. This metric indicates that your videos will likely continue pulling in lots of impressions and watch time.

We help clients gain subscribers primarily through YouTube video ads, strategic collaboration with similar channels, and incentivizing user sign-ups through contests, giveaways or lead magnets like free courses or eBooks related to their niche.

4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months

The 4,000 hour public watch time requirement shows YouTube your content can continually retain viewer attention – a sign it’s engaging and brand-safe for running ads. This equates to about 240,000 minutes total.

We help channels drive watch time through strong YouTube SEO for discoverability, content scheduling and playlists built specifically to increase session durations, precise YouTube Video ad targeting focused on getting the right viewers to binge content, and regular posting of high quality, custom-produced videos around topics proven to perform well.

Benefits of getting monetized on YouTube

There are two major advantages channels receive once they get approved for YouTube monetization.

Earn ad revenue from videos

The ability to earn money from all qualifying videos is the biggest motivator for joining the YouTube Partner Program. As mentioned earlier, exactly how much income you generate depends on your niche, content type, audience and view counts.

However, we’ve found through our managed YouTube services that most channels can expect to earn the following ad revenue as an approximate baseline:

100,000 views per month = $300 to $700 per month
500,000 views per month = $1,500 to $3,500 per month
1 million views per month = $3,000 to $7,000 per month

Note that YouTube pays out earnings each month only once you hit $100 in total earnings. Money is deposited around the 21st of each month. Use our YouTube Money Calculator to know the estimated earnings for your specific niche.

Gain more credibility and authority

The second appeal of getting monetized is being able to demonstrate your channel meets YouTube’s eligibility standards. This grants a level of credibility that you are an established presence producing regular, quality content.

Your channel being YouTube Partner Program approved shows sponsors and collaborators you offer real value to their brands. It’s a sign you have influence over an engaged audience. This helps unlock more lucrative opportunities to work with advertisers directly outside of AdSense earnings.

We help creators maximize their authority once monetized through consulting on how to best leverage their channel metrics, community and influence to stand out to brands, charge higher sponsored post rates and grow their income.

Challenges Creators Face In Getting Monetized

Producing engaging content consistently to drive watch time

The first major struggle creators face is consistently publishing new videos optimized for strong watch time and session duration. It takes significant effort to continually research topics, film high-quality footage, edit videos, and promote content. And not all videos perform well, making it harder to build momentum.

Without understanding YouTube best practices around pacing, formatting, and search rankings, videos may not retain viewer attention. This drastically slows gaining the 240,000 public watch minutes needed.

Growing an audience and gaining subscribers organically

Gaining 1,000+ engaged subscribers is also very difficult, especially for newer channels. The YouTube algorithm makes it hard to get discovered without an existing audience. And the platform is saturated, with over 500 hours of new footage uploaded every minute.

Standing out requires mastering YouTube SEO, metadata strategy, collaborations, and precise analytical review to determine which traffic sources are converting viewers into fans. Without expertise in platform analytics and growth techniques, acquiring 1,000 true fans organically can take years.

Lack of expertise in YouTube best practices

Succeeding on YouTube requires deep platform knowledge around optimization best practices, changing algorithm rules, viewer preferences, and advanced analytics interpretation. Most channels simply lack the specialized expertise needed because YouTube marketing is a unique skill set.

Missing key optimization and promotion tactics greatly hinders growth. And with social media algorithms and features constantly evolving, it becomes even more difficult to know what currently works. This lack of expertise causes creators to lose countless hours and earnings.

Not having enough time or resources

Finally, properly managing and expanding a YouTube channel is essentially its own full-time business. Between content production, optimization, analytics, customer service and more, the workload is immense. The learning curve is steep and juggling required tasks like shooting footage, editing video and continually promoting content takes vast amounts of time.

Most channel owners have existing jobs, family commitments, and limited budgets. Finding extra hours in the day or spending out of pocket to hire help simply isn’t feasible. Attempting to self-manage growth on top of other priorities causes creator burnout and stalled channel progress.

Without sufficient free time or finances to properly nurture a channel, otherwise talented creators miss out on substantial revenue potential from untapped viewership and brand deals. Hiring expert assistance is the best way to accelerate results.

How to Get Monetized on YouTube Faster

YouTube SEO optimization

Maximize your discoverability and search rankings through comprehensive YouTube SEO optimization. This includes:

On-page and off-page optimization

– Keyword research to build video topics and metadata around high-value, low-competition searcher intent
– Keyword mapping to naturally incorporate SEO phrases into title, description and filenames
– Transcript optimization using target keywords in proper density
– Closed captioning to improve accessibility and search visibility
– UTM tag implementation for traffic source tracking
– Backlink building through guest posts, interviews and partnerships

Keyword research

To determine topics and keywords that will drive maximum impressions, dive in-depth into:

– Monthly search volume data
– Competition levels
– Searcher intent
– Related queries
– Traffic potential

This allows you to identify low-hanging-fruit keywords that are easiest to outrank competitors on.

Metadata optimization

Optimize all textual metadata surrounding videos for maximum click-through-rate, including:

– Attention-grabbing titles
– SEO-rich descriptions
– Proper tags
– Compelling custom thumbnails
– Highly searchable playlists
– Channel keywords

With this metadata formula perfected, videos earn more clicks from suggested and browse features.

Produce high-quality custom video content

– Researching the types of video content that performs best in your niche
– Scripting videos around topics likely to engage target viewers
– Filming professional footage and graphics that reinforce messaging
– Editing videos using pace and style edit techniques to maximize retention
– Branding intros, outros, graphics, captions and watermarks
– Transcribing, captions and metadata attachment
– Rendering final files in highest possible resolution

With regular posting of custom videos tailored specifically to your audience, you can drive more traffic from YouTube search and channel subscribers.

Promoting videos through YouTube ads

To accelerate subscriber and viewer growth, leverage Google Ads to promote your content to hyper-targeted audiences across YouTube and the Google Display Network.

Create and manage advanced YouTube video ad campaigns from start to finish, including:

– Auditing your current YouTube analytics data to locate untapped opportunities
– Building customized audiences and tailoring creative to each one
– Bidding strategies focused on conversions goals like subscribers or view duration
– Retargeting previous viewers/subscribers to increase retention
– Split testing thumbnails, ad copy and video clips to increase CTR/CPV
– Optimizing budgets, placements and expand reach over time

Learning Ad expertise guarantees more of the right eyeballs see your videos.

Managing and growing your channel

Becoming a YouTube Partner opens up monetization features that require ongoing management, like connecting to an AdSense account, enabling affiliate links for fan funding sources, and reviewing potential brand sponsorship opportunities.

– Activating monetization features like ads, selling merch shelves or channel memberships
– Renegotiating higher ad revenue share once eligibility opens up
– Managing communications with sponsors and advertisers
– Providing consulting on how to best leverage your influence and community to grow
– Optimizing branding, metadata and partnerships for maximum earnings
– Staying on top of algorithm changes impacting visibility
– Overseeing creator burnout prevention and keeping you loving filming

Getting 1,000 loyal subscribers organically

Gaining 1,000 true fans helps satisfy the YPP subscriber requirement while building an invested audience for future videos. We focus on subscriber growth through:

– Giveaways, lead magnets and email collection to build communication
– Channel shoutouts from partners in your niche to tap into their audiences
– Playlists built strategically around viewer interests for binge watching
– Instagram/Facebook reels and shorts using clip highlights to drive traffic
– Commenting on related videos to interest viewers in your content
– Heartfelt storytelling that forms emotional connections with viewers

Viewers subscribed to notifications and email lists drive higher views, retention and watch time over non-subscribers. The loyalty gained from 1,000 true fans creates lasting income.

Meeting the 4,000 watch hour requirement

We ensure clients meet the 4,000 public watch hour requirement through:

– Ad supported video views targeted directly at audience niches most likely to complete views
– Inciting comments and community discussion to boost engagement
– Playlists organizing your best-performing videos by theme for easy access
– New subscriber welcome offers for free gifts in exchange for full watch time
– Requesting viewers actively rewatch and share your videos to help reach goals
– Video SEO and topics focused specifically on ranking for terms with high session duration

With the momentum of 1,000 newly gained fans and strategic watch time optimization, hitting the needed 240,000 minutes of public viewing is easily achievable.

What Sets Our YouTube Monetization Package Apart

Managed completely by YouTube experts

As Google certified professionals, our team lives and breathes YouTube. We each have 5-10+ years of hands-on experience specifically growing channels past 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

And with backgrounds spanning video production, journalism, animation, voice overs, marketing psychology and analytics, we understand all aspects of building an audience and monetizing it.

We also invest heavily in continually educating ourselves on the latest platform updates, content formats, and changes to the YouTube algorithm. This cutting-edge expertise gives our clients an unfair advantage over DIY channels.

Customized strategy for each creator

We don’t take a one-size-fits all approach. Our directors individually assess each channel’s niche, metrics and goals to develop a tailored roadmap focused directly on your viewers. This customization leads to better results faster.

Focus on high retention viewers

Anyone can buy fake views or subscribers. We focus solely on gaining real, invested fans who actually enjoy engaging with your content through end cards, playlists, and video ads targeted by viewer interest. This organic growth drives maximum watch time and loyalty while keeping your reputation safe.

Ethical growth methods only

You won’t find any black hat or fake engagement tactics here. We leverage legitimate YouTube features, ad placements and influencer collaborations focused on click-worthy discovery and viewer satisfaction over deceptive shortcuts. Protecting channel standing is paramount.

Performance guarantees

We are so confident in our systematic process for subscriber and watch hour generation that we guarantee your success. If you don’t qualify for YPP within our set deadline, the work is free. Over 97% of our clients succeed thanks to our five-point optimization blueprint.


Popular customer questions

Q: Why can’t I just manage my channel alone for free instead of paying for a Monetization Package?

A: Attempting YouTube growth completely alone means sacrificing huge potential income while wasting countless hours experimenting with the right techniques. Our team has already put in the work of figuring out precisely what converts users into loyal fans in any niche. We apply proven frameworks guaranteed to save you time, money and frustration on your monetization journey. Think of our small cost as an investment for what it allows you to earn by getting approved faster, and not as an expense.

Q: Can you explain more about how your team helps identify the right video topics and keywords to focus on?

A: We conduct meticulous keyword, topic, and competitive research to determine hidden opportunities with highly searched phrases that convert viewers inside your exact niche. This includes examining search volume, competition levels, optimization difficulty, viewer intent and more. We have an extensive checklist perfected over years in the industry to locate your channel’s “low-hanging fruit” – untapped easy wins.

Q: Do you guarantee my channel will get approved for monetization?

A: Yes, we provide a complete money-back guarantee you will meet the 4,000 public watch hour and 1,000 subscriber requirements. A mind-blowing 100% of our clients successfully hit targets thanks to our performance focused system.

Q: How fast can you make my channel eligible for YouTube Partner Program?

A: While timing depends on your current subscriber count and upload consistency, we can typically optimize a channel to become fully eligible within 5-7 days by aggressively driving views, shares and loyal fans. 

Q: What niches do you have experience growing channels in?

A: Our diverse team can grow just about any niche – no category is too big or small. We’ve managed channels in cooking, gaming, family vlogs, finance, health, tech, autos, travel, beauty, arts and far more. Success comes down to analytics informed insights and audience understanding. With precise targeting, we can make any channel type gain traction.