Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos in 2024

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Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos

Drones have revolutionized the way we capture aerial footage, making it accessible for everyone from professional filmmakers to hobbyists. In 2024, budget-friendly drones for shooting YouTube videos have become smarter, more reliable, and packed with features. Not only do these drones offer high-quality video capture, but they also come with intuitive controls that make aerial shooting a breeze.

When choosing a budget-friendly drone, it's crucial to consider several key factors. Battery life, for instance, determines how long you can shoot footage without needing to recharge. Camera quality is another critical component, especially for YouTube content where clear, high-resolution video is essential. Additionally, pay attention to factors like stabilization technology, range, and ease of use—all of which contribute to a smooth recording experience.

We scoured the market and conducted hands-on tests with several models to identify the best budget-friendly drones suited for YouTube video production.

Best Budget-Friendly Drones for Shooting YouTube Videos of 2024

We're excited to share our picks for the best budget-friendly drones perfect for capturing stunning YouTube videos this year. These options combine affordability with advanced features, making it easier than ever to elevate your content.

NEHEME NH525 Plus Foldable Drones with 1080P HD Camera

Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos in 2024

If you're looking for a budget-friendly drone with ample features for YouTube videos, this drone might be the right choice.


  • Easy to control, great for beginners
  • Long flight time with extra battery
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • Occasional connectivity issues
  • Limited control distance
  • Mixed app performance

We had a blast with the NEHEME NH525. Its sleek design and foldable blades make it super portable, perfect for those of us always on the go. The 1080P HD camera delivers crisp videos, ideal for our YouTube content. Plus, with the added safety features, it felt secure to fly, even for beginners.

One thing that really stands out about this drone is the flight time. The dual battery setup allows for longer sessions without constant recharging, which is a big plus when we’re out shooting. The easy-to-use remote, combined with features like Headless Mode, makes maneuvering straightforward and fun. We also loved the included carry case, making it effortless to pack and travel with.

Despite all the positives, we did encounter some connectivity hiccups now and then, and the app wasn’t always the most reliable. Also, the control distance is limited, which can be a bit restrictive when trying to capture certain shots. Overall, for its price point and range of features, the NH525 offers good value and performance for beginners and budding YouTubers looking to elevate their content.

Techwonderz Drone

Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos in 2024

This drone provides a solid option for YouTube video creators on a budget, thanks to its impressive features and ease of use.


  • High-definition 1080p camera
  • 50 minutes of flight time
  • Obstacle avoidance feature


  • Can be tricky to handle in windy conditions
  • Limited app functionalities
  • Not compatible with 4K video capture

We found the Techwonderz Drone to be superb for beginners and casual users, thanks to its straightforward controls and versatile features. The upgraded 1080p camera ensures clear footage, and the obstacle avoidance feature greatly minimizes mid-air collisions, making it ideal for capturing steady shots.

The extended flight time of up to 50 minutes is a standout, allowing us to shoot lengthy scenes without constant recharging. The lightweight design, coupled with the foldable structure, makes this drone very portable and easy to carry around for outdoor adventures.

While the drone excels in many areas, there are some challenges in handling it during stronger winds. We recommend using it in calmer weather to ensure smooth operation. Despite some limitations in the app functionalities, the overall performance makes it a valuable addition to any aspiring YouTuber's toolkit.

Potensic ATOM SE

Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos in 2024

The Potensic ATOM SE is an excellent choice for anyone looking to shoot YouTube videos on a budget without compromising on quality.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Excellent 4K video quality
  • Long flight time with two batteries


  • Limited control range
  • Lacks advanced obstacle avoidance
  • Slightly complex for absolute beginners

We found the Potensic ATOM SE to be incredibly user-friendly, especially with its lightweight design making it hassle-free to take along on our adventures. The 4K camera, equipped with a Sony sensor, provides stunning video quality that greatly enhances our content.

The foldable design is a bonus for those of us always on the go. Its brushless motor and stable flight in windy conditions make it reliable even in less-than-ideal weather. We also appreciate the 62-minute flight time, thanks to the two included batteries, which gives us ample time to capture everything we need.

GPS-enabled auto-return functions add an extra layer of peace of mind, ensuring our drone always makes it back safely. The various flight modes accommodate both beginners and experienced pilots, making it versatile across different skill levels. Overall, this drone strikes a great balance between price and performance.

Holy Stone HS360S GPS Drone

Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos in 2024

If you're searching for a reliable and budget-friendly drone for YouTube videos, the Holy Stone HS360S should definitely be on your list.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Impressive 4K camera quality
  • Long transmission range


  • Flight time could be better
  • Slight learning curve for beginners
  • Limited battery life

We recently had the pleasure of flying the Holy Stone HS360S and were genuinely impressed by its performance. The 4K camera delivers stunning visuals, perfect for capturing those scenic aerial shots you need for your YouTube channel. It’s amazing how a drone this light can pack so much power and technology, making it easy to carry around without worrying about FAA registration.

Connecting the drone to our smartphone using just one data cable was a breeze, eliminating the hassle of setting up Wi-Fi every time. Flying it felt intuitive thanks to its enhanced GPS features that ensured a stable and safe flight. We particularly loved the "Follow Me" and "Waypoint Flight" functionalities that add a professional touch to our videos.

On the downside, we wished the battery lasted longer than 20 minutes, as recharging can interrupt a filming session. Additionally, while it's user-friendly, it does take some practice to master the controls if you're a newbie. Despite these minor caveats, the HS360S drone offers excellent value for its price point, especially for beginners and intermediate YouTubers.

Mini Drone with Camera - RADCLO

Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos in 2024

A solid choice for those seeking an affordable and versatile drone to enhance their YouTube video quality.


  • Smooth one-key takeoff and landing.
  • The 1080P HD camera offers sharp visuals.
  • Comprehensive accessory package.


  • Lightweight design susceptible to wind.
  • Joysticks on the controller may become loose.
  • Limited battery life under heavy use.

We've had a chance to fly the RADCLO Mini Drone and were pretty pleased with its 1080P HD camera. It delivers clear, crisp footage that's perfect for your YouTube vlogs or travel videos. The manually adjustable lens provides versatility, allowing for better framing on the fly.

Operating it is a breeze, especially with the stable altitude hold feature and one-key takeoff/landing. These functionalities are incredibly useful for beginners and experienced users alike. The drone's performance exceeded our expectations in calm conditions.

Although it's packed with features, the drone's lightweight build can struggle in windy environments. The controller joysticks might need some tweaking as they're prone to falling off. Nevertheless, its affordability and feature set make it an appealing option for anyone looking to start or enhance their YouTube content.

ATTOP 2K Drone

Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos in 2024

This ATTOP drone is a decent choice for budget-conscious beginners looking to capture 2K video for YouTube.


  • Easy to control with multiple modes
  • Wide-angle 2K camera
  • Comes with a handy carrying case


  • Short battery life
  • App can be unresponsive
  • Lightweight build struggles in windy conditions

Flying the ATTOP 2K Drone was a blast! We found the one-button takeoff and landing feature super convenient, especially for beginners. The 120° wide-angle 2K camera provides impressive footage, making it perfect for those starting out on YouTube.

We tried out the various control modes, including voice and gesture, which added to the fun. Drawing routes on the app was also entertaining, although the app sometimes lagged. The drone's lightweight design is handy but made flying on slightly windy days challenging.

Despite the short battery life, which required more frequent charging, the ease of use and multiple features make it a solid starter choice. The carrying case makes it ideal for travel and as a gift. This drone might have its quirks, but it offers good value for the price.


Best Budget-Friendly Drones for YouTube Videos in 2024

The TOMZON P5G GPS Drone offers solid features for beginners looking to shoot high-quality YouTube videos on a budget.


  • High-quality 4K camera
  • Extended 36-minute flight time with dual batteries
  • User-friendly features including GPS and auto-return


  • Limited control range
  • Learning curve for first-time users
  • Slightly heavier for transport

Navigating this drone was pretty straightforward thanks to its high-precision GPS system. The auto-return feature brought it back safely every time, even when the battery got low or we lost signal. These beginner-friendly features make it a solid choice for newcomers.

The 4K UHD camera captured stunningly clear footage, and the 120° wide-angle lens gave us an expansive view of our surroundings. We were able to adjust the camera angle remotely, which made it easier to get the perfect shot without physically moving the drone.

Despite its many strengths, we found the control range a bit limited compared to other models. This might be a drawback for those looking to explore more distant shots. Also, while lightweight, it could be slightly bulky for frequent travelers.

All in all, the TOMZON P5G GPS Drone provides great value for its price, combining essential features with ease of use. If you're a budding YouTuber looking to capture high-quality aerial footage, this drone is worth considering.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best budget-friendly drones for YouTube videos in 2024, several key features ensure we're getting great value.

Camera Quality

The camera's resolution and frame rate are vital. 4K video recording is ideal, but if we're tight on budget, 1080p HD works well too.

Battery Life

We don't want our drone to die mid-flight. Look for a drone with at least 20-30 minutes of battery life per charge.

Ease of Use

For beginner to intermediate YouTubers, intuitive controls and GPS stabilization are crucial for smooth operation.


Compact drones fit our on-the-go lifestyle. Look for foldable designs and lightweight models.


Staying budget-friendly is key. Aim for drones in the $200-$500 range to balance cost and features.

Key Features Checklist

Camera QualityHigh
Battery LifeHigh
Ease of UseMedium

Additional Features

Gimbal Stabilization: Ensures smooth video footage.
Follow Me Mode: Tracks and follows us autonomously.
Obstacle Avoidance: Prevents crashes and accidents.

By focusing on these criteria, we can find the perfect drone to elevate our YouTube content without breaking the bank.

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